The Faithfulness of God

Pastor Johnny


Description:How faithful is God? How does God's faithfulness impact our lives?

The Holiness of God

Pastor Johnny


Description:What does it mean that God is Holy? Or that we are to be Holy because He is Holy?

The Grace of God

Pastor Rick


Description:Exploring the communicable attribute of God's Grace.

God is Omnipresent

Pastor Rick


Description:Exploring the presence of God and how He is Omnipresence.(The beginning of the sermon is missing due to technical difficulties, our apologies)

The Self-Existence of God

Pastor Johnny


Description:Examining God as self existent and the implications that has on our daily living.

Why Our View of God Matters

Pastor Rick


Description:Examining four views of God and how our view of God impacts our day to day living.

Evidences of Renewal

Pastor Johnny


Description:What does renewal look like? What changes in a person who has been renewed?

The Purpose of Renewal

Pastor Rick


Description:How did we become in need of Renewal? What is the effect of living a margninless life? How do we develope margin in our lives?

Why Renewal is Needed

Pastors Johnny and Rick


Description:A conversation between Pastors and Renewal, Why it is needed, and where God is leading the church.